Govt. Principal Secretary, SC/ST Development Department (President)

Govt. Special Secretary, SC/ST Development Department (Ex.Officio Chairman)

Additional Secretary/Joint Secretary - SC/ST Development Department (Member)

Director, Public Education Department (Member)

Director, Higher Secondary Education (Member)

Chief Engineer, Building and Local - works. (Member)

Director, SC Development Department (Ex. Officio)

Director, ST Development Department (Secretary / Tribal member)

The collectors of the districts where the Ashram School MRS Situated (Vice President)

MRS / Ashram School Principal / Head Masters (Member)

Executive Committee members

Chairman, District Collector, Vice Chairman in charge in the absence of District Collector, Governor, Manager MRS AVN, Treasurer, Principal


The Joint director ST Development Directorate.

The Deputy Director (Education Department)

District Education Officer.

The District Development Officer ST Development Department.

The District Planning Officer


Representative of the Teacher